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xDLIP Series

The xDLIP transfer is already accomplished with a prototype or you prefer to go directly from xDLIP feasibility to a certified xDLIP machine or series production machine for surface enhancement? The xDLIP machines work precisely, automatically and in record speed.

xDLIP Machines

Depending on your requirements, you will receive either an automatable xDLIP module which is easy to integrate into your production or a (fully) automated stand-alone or series production machine for surface enhancement.

You benefit from existing technological cooperations between SurFunction and already established machine manufacturers of the relevant markets.

In this way, you will receive not only the reliable xDLIP process, but also highly modern and already established machine technology for your production lines.


Your benefits with xDLIP machines


High Productivity

e.g. at belt conveyor speeds of several m/min or area treatment in the range of m²/min


Drastic Improvement of Your Products

e.g. 80% reduction of the electrical contact resistance of electrical connectors


Highest Laser Safety

(laser safety class 1), and region-specific certifications (e.g. CE certification)


High Machine Availability

through reliable xDLIP process and low maintenance laser sources / machine elements


High Flexibility

modular system for integration or stand-alone-machine


Attractive ROI

through your technological leadership and improved profitability

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