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Friction and Wear Optimization

According to the Society of Tribology (GfT), costs caused by friction and wear account for about 2-7 % of the gross national product (GNP) of an industrial nation. Reducing friction and wear has an economically and sustainable impact. It is possible to influence friction and wear of mechanically stressed surfaces by the DLIP technology.

Friction and wear optimization through DLIP

DLIP surface structuring has a direct influence on the real, microscopic contact area of surfaces and thus control friction and wear for a wide range of mechanically stressed components and applications.

Your possibilities


Directional friction

Controlled adjustment of friction coefficients depending on the direction of movement on a product surface.


Adjustment of lubricant film thickness

DLIP structures can build up an additional hydrodynamic pressure and manipulate the lubricant film thickness, which is crucial for the separation of the involved friction parts.


Microscopic lubricant reservoirs

“Pockets” can be created as a reservoir for lubricant (e.g. oil or solid lubricants) in the surface, which continuously supply the surface with lubricant and prevent deficient lubrication conditions. Generated wear particles are additionally stored in the pockets in order to minimize abrasive wear by third bodies.

Lubricant transport (wetting control)

DLIP influences wetting properties of surfaces in a controlled manner:

  • Directional wetting: Channel-like surface structures cause a strong and directional wetting by capillary effect.

  • Reduction of surface wetting: repellent surfaces can be produced or the spreading of a liquid in a certain direction can be reduced.

For example, undesirable lubricant migration (oil) out of the contact area of the tribological load and thus a state of deficient lubrication can be effectively avoided, which effectively increases the average lifetime of a component.


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